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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Review Of The House Of Night Series So Far....

My Review Of The House Of Night Series So Far Is Really Good. I Love The Main Character Zoey. She Is A Strong Character Who Doesn't Come Off As Arrogant. Through Out This Series You Will Meet A Cavalcade Of Characters Like Zoey, Heath, Erik, Stevie Rae, Damien, Erin, Shaunee, Jack, Aphrodite, Darius, Stark, Grandma Redbird, Sister Mary Angela, Lenobia, Dragon, Anastasiia, Goddess Nyx, Erebus, A-ya, Shekinah, Neferet, Kalona, Rephaim, The Tsi Sgili Queen, Loren, Nicole, Kurtis, And Starr. There Are Some Other Minor Characters As Well But These Ones You Hear The Most About. All The Books Are Really Enjoyable But One Or Two Of Them Can Be A Little Slow From Time To Time. I Wasn't Too Happy With The Many Boyfriends/Non-Boyfriends Of Zoey. I Mean I Know Kids Can Be Fickle At Times But This, To Me, Took The Cake. Marked Was A Great Start In My Opinion. Unlike Other Books It Didn't Take A While To get Started. Marked Almost Immediately Threw You Into There Whole Vampyre World. I Liked That About It. It Had Me Hooked From The First Sentence. Betrayed Was A Real Eye Opener For Me. It Totally Shocked Me Which I Guess Is The Reason For The Title Of This Particular Book. Chosen And Untamed Kept Up The Whole "Holy Crap That Did Not Just Happen" Theme. Hunted Was Good But Took Me The Longest To Read. I Just Didn't Make Enough Time In My Days To Read It. In My Opinion It Just Couldn't Keep My Interest For More Than A Few Chapters At One Time. It Was Still Good But Not Equal To The Others At That Time. It Could Have Been Just From Series Burn-Out Because I Was Reading One Book After Another Without A Break From The Series At All. When Usually I May Have Like Maybe At Most Four Books From One Of My Series To Read But This Time I Had Every Book Except Burned Which Hasn't Even Come Out Yet. Tempted Irked Me The Most ONLY Because Of The Way It Ends. It Was Way Too Much Of A Cliffhanger For Me. Burned Book 7 In This Series Is Rumored To Be Coming Out April 27,2010. Over All On A Scale From 1-10, 1 Being Not Worth My Time And 10 Being Freakin Awesome I Would Rate This Series An 8.

House Of Night By P. C. Cast And Kristin Cast

Untamed (House of Night Series #4) by P. C. Cast: Book Cover
Burned (House of Night, #7)
I Own The Book Marked And The Rest Of The Series My Sister Bought And Let me Read. I Just Loved This Series And Wanted To Share My Thoughts On Them.

Link To House Of Night Series:


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