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Friday, March 12, 2010

Review Of Gena Showalter's Intertwined


There’s Something About The New Guy At Crossroads High…

Most Sixteen-Year-Old's Have Friends. Aden Stone Has Four Human Souls Living Inside Him:
One Can Time-Travel.
One Can Raise The Dead.
One Can Tell The Future.
And One Can Possess Another Human.

With No Other Family And A Life Spent In And Out Of Institutions, Aden And The Souls Have Become Friends. But Now, They’re Causing Him All Kinds Of Trouble.

Like, He’ll Blink And Suddenly He’s A Younger Aden, Reliving The Past. One Wrong Move, And He’ll Change The Future. Or, He’ll Walk Past A Total Stranger And Know How And When She’s Going To Die.

He’s So Over It. All He Wants Is Peace.

And Then He Meets A Girl Who Quiets The Voices. Well, For As Long As He’s With Her. Why? Mary Ann Gray Is His Total Opposite. He’s A Loner; She Has Friends. He Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks; She Tries To Make Everyone Happy. And While He Attracts The Paranormal, She Repels It. For Her Sake, He Should Stay Away. But It’s Too Late. . .

Somehow, They Share An Inexplicable Bond Of Friendship. A Bond About To Be Tested By A Werewolf Shape-Shifter Who Wants Mary Ann For His Own And A Vampire Princess Aden Can’t Resist. Two Romances, Both Forbidden. . . Doomed. Still, The Four Will Enter A Dark Underworld Of Intrigue And Danger. . . But Not Everyone Will Come Out Alive. . .

This Book Was AWESOME, AMAZING, UNIQUE, FANTASTIC, And Any Other Descriptive Words You Can Think Of. It Hooked Me From The First Sentence To The Last Word In The Book. I Wasn't Sure What To Make Of This Book When I First Picked It Up But I Was So Not Prepared For This Awesomely Unique Thrill Ride Of A Story. Aden's Story Pulls At Your Heart And Makes You Want To Ease His Pain. His Draw To Mary Ann Keeps You Interested In What May Come Of Their Plight. I Never Found A Dull Moment With This Story. In This Book We Also Meet Victoria And Riley Both Mysterious And Instantly Intriguing. I Don't Want To Say To Much Because I Don't Want To Spoil This Book For Anyone. Let's Just Say In My Opinion EVERYONE Should Read This Book. On A Scale Of One To 10 I Give It A 10. When I Finished This Book I Was Pleasantly Surprised To Find Out There Is A Book Two To This Awesome Story. Unraveled (September 2010) Is So On The Top Of My To Read Pile When It Comes Out.

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