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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.

In the Manor of the Ghost

In the Manor of the Ghost

Author: Tina Pinson
Length: Super Plus Novel
Category: Historical
Sub-Category: Inspirational
Rating: Sweet
Photography/Artwork: Jenifer Ranieri
Release Date: Available June 2010 - NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE


It's The 1870's. The Civil War Has Long Since Been Fought And Laid To Rest, Settlers Are Still Joining The Wagon Trains And Heading West To The New Eden. The Land Is Changing. But Those Who Dwell In Clayborne Manor Seem Trapped In Time.

Trapped Amid The Whispers Of Failure And Sorrow, Whispers Of Longing And Defeat. Kaitlin Hears Them Clearly At Night. But Who Haunts Clayborne Manor? The Ghost That Restlessly Walks The Halls In The Night? Or The Ones That Plague The Minds And Spirits Of Those Residing There? Though Not Inclined To Believe The Dead Can Walk The Night Laden Corridors, Kaitlin Can See Them Clearly In The Eyes Of Her Husband Devlin, And Hear Them In The Deafening Silence Of Her Son, Derrick.

Does She Have The Courage To Search The Past And Face The Ghosts? Does She Have The Faith To Stay And Direct All Those Who Dwell In The Manor Of The Ghost To The One Who Sets The Captive Free?

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