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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) 2010

My Interview With Tori From Book Faery Blog and Tigris Eden From Tigris Eden.Com For BBAW

This week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I have chosen two bloggers whom I have gotten to know through their blogs and blog network (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and other book networking sites). I have Tori from Book Faery Blog and Tigris Eden from Tigris Eden.Com. Both ladies bring a different style and vibe to the blogging community which I love. First up, we get up close and personal with Tori. Keep in mind this is my first time doing BBAW so I am not following the "schedule" of events but I still wanted to show love to the blogging community.

1) What made you decide you wanted to be a book blogger?

My addiction to books and writing! My logic behind making a blog was that it would help discipline me to write every day. Didn't initially work; I wrote, but I still was too lazy with my WIP's word count. But then the author interviews I had/read on other blogs finally did inspire me to work on my WIP :)

2) What are your feelings about hardcover/paperback books verses ebooks/ereaders?

Tori: I like HCs and PBs for my fav authors. Ebooks are great for the newer authors with books that are priced a lot lower than the printed version. Key word there, however, is lower price. I refuse to buy any ebooks that are the same price as their printed counterpart, or even a dollar cheaper. What's the point?

In regards to an ereader? I used to be opposed to them. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to give up the touch and smell of books.... until I started running out of room. Now, I LOVE my Kindle 3!

3) What are your top 5 favorite books and why?

Tori: All time favorite two books:
1. WICKED DEEDS ON A WINTER'S NIGHT by Kresley Cole - It's the only book I've ever reread more than once (9x and counting). I love Bowen and Mariketa. The couple really resonated with me. Mari's the type of person I wish I could be.
2. DREAMS MADE FLESH by Anne Bishop - This author was the woman who reignited my love for reading. DMF is the 4th book, and it's the HEA for all the characters I loved so dearly.

These are three current favorites on an ever-changing list:
3. SPARK OF TEMPTATION by Jess Haines (from the NOCTURNAL Anthology) - I thought I wasn't going to care about Sara and Arnold--who I fondly refer to as AHNOLD in my brain because I'm a dork. I'm beginning to see a trend with this not thinking I'll like but then end up loving thing. Anyway, I loved the connection between them, and it was such a nice breath of fresh air being able to witness the H&W universe through another character's eyes.
4. HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick - I just finished reading this last night, but the heroine is so spunky and so... different from typical YA heroines, just like the hero. They're quirky, and definitely have a sizzling relationship that convinced me was genuine.
5. HERE THERE BE MONSTERS by Meljean Brook (from the BURNING UP Anthology) - This was my first foray into the wonderful world of Steampunk. Likewise, it was the first book by Meljean. I love both her writing and her world.

4) If you could have dinner with any author living or dead who would it be and why?

Tori: Jess Haines. She and I talk all the time anyway, but I'd love to have the opportunity to meet with her in person. She's crazy, funny, kindhearted, and so incredibly supportive it isn't even funny. We haven't known each other for very long, but I feel like I could tell her anything :)

Would also like to meet Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter (except, I did meet her!), Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Vivian Arend, and Leanna Renee Hieber.

5) How do you go about choosing books to review (i.e. what draws you to them and makes you want to review them)?

Tori: Wow this is a hard question. I used to have a strict rule of not reviewing anything that did not have paranormal aspects, though now I'll bend that rule when I find a book that's blown me away. It's definitely good to read outside your comfort zone every once in a while.

Anything with strong paranormal elements or romance elements will draw me to a book. But the back cover blurb plays a key role in my interest level. Some sound mechanical. Others sound like a work of art that make me salivate to read the piece.

6) Do you have any advice to aspiring book bloggers out there?

Tori: -Be honest in your reviews and let your voice shine through with your reviews. The second you're caught in a lie while reviewing, people will question your reliability.
-Don't feel like you're obligated to post every. single. day. That makes blogging feel more like a chore instead of a hobby.
-Don't feel like you HAVE to accept every review request you receive. It's better to start saying no now if a title only mildly interests you. Trust me on this one... it's a lot more awkward agreeing to read a book you know you might not enjoy/giving it a so-so review, then letting the author know, than it is to simply say no. Otherwise, you'll find yourself bogged down with too many books you *have* to read, and not enough books that you *want* to read. There's a difference.
-ARCs are ARCs. Don't succumb to book envy. Join ARC tours for the titles you're dying to read early. Be happy with the titles you get to read now, and remember that you're not entitled to any titles an author/publisher sends you to review.

Book Faery Blog:


Next up I have Tigris Eden (Tigris Eden is actually an alter ego) with her no holds barred interview.

Tigris Eden

1) What made you decide you wanted to be a book blogger?

Tigris: I never really considered myself a book blogger as I talk about random stuff sometime but, I did start to get serious about it recently. I just wanted to share with everyone some of the books I’ve read. There’s been at least that I can remember 857 books prior to the ones I have up currently. And out of all of them there were some I didn’t like and others I wanted to shout and say read me… Then there was the fact that I wondered why no one told me about them… So I figure I’m helping in a small way. At least if someone reads my blog they can make the decision to either read the book or not…

2) What are your feelings about hardcover/paperback books verses ebooks/ereaders?

Tigris: Okay, here I am a total fence straddle. I love books… I love my Kindle the two are so very different at yet they provide the same results. I do enjoy turning pages.

3) What are your top 5 favorite books and why?

Tigris: 1. Pleasure Unbound-Larissa Ione… Why…. Because Doc E is fuckingfantabulous and in my next life I fully intend to request to be matched with him and Duh Demon Juice!
2.Big Bad Wolf-Christine Warren Graham Winters is just a spicy hot sauce of a werewolf and I want nothing more than to be the object of his desires. Plus he doesn’t take shit from no one.
3.Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in between-J.A. Saare Because Rhiannon has the attitude that is just bad ass.. And deep down when I try and be nice a little piece of flare slips out and I like her attitude… Not to mention she has some laws that make sense!
4. She’s Come Undone-Wally Lamb Because Delores Price overcame a lot to get where she had to go and believe it or not I can relate and her story changed the course of some devastating events in my life.
5. The Vampire Lestat-Anne Rice Lets face it… Lestat is the man of all things vain and I love him!

4) If you could have dinner with any author living or dead who would it be and why?

Tigris: Okay No brainer! It would be Larissa Ione because her brain is awesomeness! And no I am not just saying that, I love all the authors truly and dearly and I could throw some names out there that are just coolness, but Larissa is down to earth and she talks with everyone. I know that our lunch wouldn’t be some place private and out of the way it would be local, homey, and hell probably either at my house or hers and we would just shoot the shit and talk about everything!

5) How do you go about choosing books to review (i.e. what draws you to them and makes you want to review them)?

Tigris: I am a total cover whore as anyone! If the cover moves me, then I go to the blurb on the back and from there if a connection is made I grab… Granted I have struck out many times this way and so I have the Tigris Book Whoring Plan… I see the cover, I read the blurb, and then I call a reliable source (if I told you I would have to kill you) and then go from there… I also rely on other blogs if there is a review out there on the book I try and read it and see how that blogger feels about it. But ultimately it’s my decision.

6) Do you have any advice to aspiring book bloggers out there?

Tigris: I am probably the last person you want to take advice from… Because honestly I am all over the place… But if I had to say one thing… If there is ever a moment that you feel your blog is to long… Its not! It just means that this book really got your attention even if its bad attention.

Tigris Eden.Com:


I want to thank both Tori and Tigris Eden for agreeing to do this last minute interview with me. If you have never been to their blogs (but I am sure you have been....^_^) you need to go check them out for yourselves. Their reviews are both honest and informative. I find myself at their blogs A LOT. I hope you love their blogs as much as I do.


Tori [Book Faery] said...

Thank you for having me today! :) *hugs*

Dee (GoodChoiceReading) said...

Great Interviews! I have to agree with Tori... I love Hush, Hush and if I could I'd marry Patch! :-X don't tell the hubby haha!

skyla11377 said...

I was so glad to have you here. Hopefully we will be able to have you here in the future....^_^.

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