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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 5 With My Featured Author Brita Addams

Today I have the honor of presenting my awesome interview with the lovely lady herself Brita Addams.

1) skyla11377:What made you want to become a writer?

Brita Addams:
Honestly, I don't think it was a case of simply wanting to be a writer. I've always created stories and they have continued to float around in my head. I suppose it has something to do with having a bossy nature and with writing, I get to tell lots of people what to do.

2) skyla11377:What are 2 things we wouldn't normally know about you?

Brita Addams:
Well, I lived in Iceland for two years, which I suppose isn't commonly known. It was an interesting experience and let me see what a wonderful country we live in. I was quite young, 20, married and had a baby. I missed home terribly but to have that opportunity was wonderful. I also got to go to Scotland and ALMOST saw the inside of Edinburgh Castle, but for the fact that our tour bus got there just after closing time! That is on my list of great regrets!

3) skyla11377:What authors, if any, have influenced you and possibly your writing?

Brita Addams:
I love Cheryl Holt's erotics as well as Ava March's m/m historical erotics. I love reading them but I'm not sure they have influenced my writing. I have been directly influenced by Keta Diablo, who is a great friend and mentor. Her advice and helpful hints about how the business of writing works has been invaluable. Keta writes wonderfully woven tales in several genres and her books are a pleasure to read.

4) skyla11377:If you were trapped on a deserted island what 5 things would you want with you?

Brita Addams:
My husband, my laptop (of course my island would have internet), my Sony e-reader, a yellow pad and a pen with endless ink. I wouldn't miss the phone, though I would miss my children. However, we'd stay in touch over the internet *wink*

5) skyla11377:What person living or dead would you like to have dinner with and possibly get advice or whatever from?

Brita Addams:
This question is really quite easy and I'm glad you didn't say, famous person. I one person I'd love to have dinner with again would be my grandmother. I was 17 years old when she died, so there would be a lot of years to catch up on! She was a simple woman, who'd been an orphan at 16, married four days after her father died (her mother had died two years before) to keep herself from ending up in an orphanage (there was no family to take her or her siblings in). She knew my grandfather and I've been told they were "dating," if that's what people did back in 1927, but I'm sure they wouldn't have married at the time they did. My mother was born two years later and they had five more children and stayed married for 39 years, until my grandfather passed away. Gram died the next year and the family has already said she died of a broken heart and I believe it.

6) skyla11377:What would you like your readers to walk away with after they have read your Sapphire Club Series?

Brita Addams:
I'd love my readers to enjoy the stories I write and be able to escape for however long it takes to read one of my books. I'm sure most authors say something similar, but for me, that's what I want. I have been a non-professional genealogist for over twenty-years and in that time I have uncovered hundreds of stories about my ancestors and those of people I've helped along the way. If those stories don't get recorded, they will die and the generations that come after won't have them. It is similar with the stories I write. I love to weave tales concerning people and places and events that none of us will ever experience. It's escape, fun, and hopefully my readers will come back for more and more. I'll keep writing as long as there is anyone to read it.

7) skyla11377:What projects do you have coming up next?

Brita Addams:
Well, I just signed a contract with Silver Publishing, for my historical m/m vampire book, Love Immortal. They would like to publish the other two books I have planned for that series called Mysterious Moonlight, a title my grandson gave me and I simply love. The series involves Laurent Kinsdale and Sebastian FitzHugh and will take them through three different times in history. The first, Love Immortal, takes place in 1820, with a bit of a flashback to 1645, the year Laurent was turned. That book will be out December 4th and I am developing the other two books now.

I also have a book called Splendid Captivity, which is a menage, with Julian Madere, Isabella Malin and Nathaniel Thurber. Julian and Nate are highwayman and Isabella is out on a lark and is kidnapped by them. She is the wife of Serenity Damrill's late brother, though the Sapphire Club only make a small appearance in the book and doesn't play into the story at all. I couldn't resist the connection though. That book will be submitted in the next few days.

To connect my characters to my genealogy work, these two books have definite connections. Sebastian FitzHugh was named for my grandson, Sebastian. Julian's last name, Madere, is the maiden name of my husband's grandmother. Damrill comes from my father's great uncle, John Stanhope Damrill, who was the first fire chief in my father's native Boston (he actually grew up in Cambridge). There was a documentary made about him, called Damrill's Fire. It can be found online. And last in this group is Isabella married name, and Serenity's maiden name, Malin. One of my favorite aunts has the middle name Malin. (She is the daughter of my Gram from the other question). I've asked her over and over again where her middle name came from and sadly she has no idea, but there it is, for posterity.

One final note. The Sapphire Club got its name because my youngest daughter's birthstone is a sapphire. Her birthday is September 4th. Happy Birthday, Linny!!
And Happy Birthday, Raquel. I have it on good authority that your birthday is September 7th. I hope you have a great one!

Thanks for having me. This has been great fun. Please, everyone, stop by my site and say hi. I love visitors.


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