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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dangerous Love Blog Tour Stop With Margie Church Featuring An Interview And Giveaway

Can I just start off by saying Margie is such a nice person. She is very easy to sit down and have a conversation with. Recently, I had that very great pleasure of getting to interview the lovely Margie Church. She answered all my questions and as a bonus she is offer to give away a copy of her latest release Dangerous Love to one luck person. Margie is such a giver that not only is someone winner a copy of her book but she is giving us a mouth watering excerpt* to drool over. In the words of Rachael Ray....Yum-O.

*Just keep in mind the excerpt contains ADULT CONTENT and is not for everyone....^_^.

Thank you for inviting me to your cool blog, Skyla! I'm looking forward to getting to know your followers. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

1) Can you tell me a little bit about your Love Bites Series and your latest release Dangerous Love?

Love Bites is a very unique vampire series. You're not going to find men or women fawning over each other, begging to be turned because that would be sexy and wonderful. In my opinion, that would not be either of those things. LOL So, we have vampires living peacefully among us humans and the agony begins when Wade Kairos, who is a vampire, falls in love with an American woman named Jui Fabrice. Love Bites is all about the buildup of their relationship. They go through a tremendous amount of agony trying to be together and still deny each other. Theirs is the epitome of forbidden love. Creatures from the afterlife are working hard to make sure Jui and Wade don't get together and when they do (of course they do, it's a ROMANCE), Wade is going to pay – big time.

Dangerous Love picks up with Wade and Jui together but in such a precarious state. The leader of the vampire nation, Ladislav Husek, doesn't like to fail and Wade falling in love – and having Jui return his love – is counted as a failure. He's coming after both of them with a vengeance. He enlists the Master Prophet, Dirk, to help punish the lovers.

The plot in both novels is woven with suspense and surprise. Expect in-your-face characters that will stay with you long after the stories end and explicit love scenes. You won't be disappointed.

A third book, Love Bites III: Redemptive Love is planned for 2011.

(Content alert: vampires, shape shifters, m/f, m/m, bondage, anal sex, oral sex)

2) What are one or two things that you might have on your bucket list?

I want to go to Tuscany and Australia for an extended visit. I also would love to get all dressed up in a black, off-the-shoulder gown and go to a ball. I think hoping that I could actually dance with a modicum of grace would be asking too much. LOL

3) What authors, if any, have influenced you and possibly your writing?

I can't say reading any particular author has influenced my writing as much as the authors themselves. I've been a professional writer for more than 20 years. I've learned all kinds of writing styles during this time and fiction writing is just the newest. I will say it's the most challenging and if I hadn't had all this previous writing experience, I don't know if I could have picked it up as quickly as I have. I don't mean that to sound arrogant, but fiction writing is very complicated. So, having said that, several authors have encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction to improve. My publisher, Noble Romance has very high standards for their books and provides its authors with some great writing resources to use.

4) If you were to throw a party which five people would be on the guest list (living or dead)?

Oh geez….President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton (people say I look like her), Tiger Woods, James Scott, and Pope John Paul II.

5) What does the future hold for you book wise (i.e. another book, or perhaps a book signings)?

I'm finishing a m/m novella, titled Hard as Teak. I want to finish that by early December. After that, I'll begin working on Love Bites III: Redemptive Love. I'm also really busy with the Red Lipstick Journals (www.redlipstickjournals.blogspot.com), of which I am a part owner. This site is dedicated to those who enjoy sophisticated erotica. By summer 2011, I'll have seven books in print and am planning a few signings around the July 4 holiday. The best place to catch me is via my website and blog: Romance with SASS.

Please friend/follow/hang out with me! I love meeting new people and I want to hear from you!

Blurb Dangerous Love

Wade Kairos faces deadly consequences for defying the leader of the vampire nation. Ladislav Husek partners with Master Prophet Dirk, to prove Wade can run but he can't hide. And neither can Jui Fabrice, the woman Wade loves. Every bit of his ingenuity is needed to protect her from being turned into a vampire or a prophet.

If that's not enough trouble for him, another vampire from Wade's past comes forward and makes it abundantly clear that what used to be hers is still up for grabs.

Someone will pay with their life in Dangerous Love.

Adult Excerpt

Dangerous Love

By Margie Church

"Take off your shirt," she said while tearing open the foil package. His hard shaft jutted proudly in front of his body and Jui knelt, unable to resist sucking his gorgeous cock. She cupped his smooth balls as her lips and teeth moved up his length to the crown. She tickled the tip and let the long string of pre-cum cling to her tongue as she drew back. She smiled up at him before swallowing as much of his dick as she could. Her throat strained as she sucked him, and Wade's fingers digging into her shoulders told her how much he loved every second in her mouth.

When the ache in her body became irresistible, Jui pulled the condom out of its wrapper and began the tight journey over Wade's shaft. Then she bent over the couch and presented her glistening pussy to him. "Now it's my turn."

He pushed aside the thin strap of her thong and entered her. The pressure, the fullness of his shaft moving in her body, drove her crazy. She pumped hard against his hips, needing the glorious pain of release.

"Minx, slow down. I want to make this last."

She heard the words but couldn't obey. "We'll do it again. Make me come."

His teeth found a resting spot on her shoulder muscle. He reached around and slapped her clit.

She whimpered. "Yeah, again." The sting of his slap made her vaginal muscles tense with each tap, building the mindless need stemming from her pussy.

"Baby, you're out of control," Wade said. "Right now you just need to come. Let me give it all to you."

Wade pressed her hard against the back of the couch and drilled his cock into her pussy. Jui screamed with pleasure and encouragement. His finger teased her tight asshole and slowly entered. Her moans sounded loud and achy. She burned with lust. All she knew was his finger and cock were moving simultaneously in her, hard and fast and it . . .was . . . making . . . her come. She howled as her orgasm arrived, gripping his cock with her pussy, gushing slick juices around him.

His grunts grew louder and his thrusts slowed. "That's it. God you feel good, even with this nasty thing on my dick." He stiffened, and an extended groan filled the room. Suddenly, he pulled out, yanked off the condom, and spilled his cum on Jui's ass. "I'm going back in," he said in a raspy tone. "I have to feel you."

"Wade . . . ." Her sentence finished in a pleasurable groan as his wet shaft slid deep inside her.

Margie's website and blog: Romance with SASS

Twitter: @MargaretRChurch

Facebook: Margie Church

Red Lipstick Journals

Contest: Margie is giving away a copy of Dangerous Love to Skyla's blog followers! Tell me this: if you could write any story or book you wanted, what would it be like?

I want to thank Margie for stopping by my blog and letting me (and hopefully all of you....lol) a chance to get to know her better. Margie Church is giving away an eBook copy of Dangerous Love to one lucky person. So make sure to answer Margie's question (posted slightly above this) in our comments section and also show Margie some love as well.

This giveaway ends December 4th at 11:59 P.M. and Margie will be picking a winner and posting on December 5th in the comments section so make sure to check back and see if you are the winner. Did I also mention this giveaway is international (as long as you are able to accept eBooks). Play your cards right and who knows you could be getting some Dangerous Love soon....LOL.


Margie Church said...

Good morning, Skyla! Thank you for hosting me on my 7th stop! Seven is my favorite number. I hope we'll hear all kinds of interesting story ideas from your fans so I can give one of mine away.


Mrs. Joey said...

If i could write (which i can't lol i leave it up to the good writers lol) Then i would love to write a fallen Angel story with some heavy loving in it but a twist somewhere that you would never see coming or could ever figure out.

As for this book i would love to read it. It is on my read list to check out once i get threw the ones i have bought already. Who knows maybe this will be the first one i get on my nook color i am getting for Christmas. Keep up the good work Margie i have heard awesome things about your books and can't wait to check them out!!

Margie Church said...

Joey...thx for coming by and I'm glad you're getting a Nook. My kids' book just came out and I'd love to see it in color but I'm getting a Kindle (shhhhh don't tell I peeked!).

Fallen angel story...the bad boy with a soft heart. Those always get me, too.

Help me spread the word about my books! It takes a lot to create awareness. Happy holidays!


Mrs. Joey said...

LOL i wont tell Margie. And i re-posted Raquel FB message to help spread the word. I don't know how to re-post this on Twitter or i would do it there too but i am still learning Twitter. lol

Margie Church said...

Thanks, Joey!

BookObsessedChicks said...

Hey Margie.. Hi Raquel..
I actually started to write a historical years ago and when the itch begins I revisit it and rework it. I'm so awfully embarrassed about people reading my work though. I need to get over that for sure.I love the way Margie writes. I wish I could be so open etc...

Margie Church said...

Hi Kimberly! Lovely to see you! Thanks for the compliment. Historicals...I have one of those cooking. Actually it would be an amazing story if I could get past my research issues. I've been at 40 pages forEVER! You can't be embarrassed about people reading your stuff. Put it in the jar with the black bag over it. If you want to improve, it's got to be done. Sometimes it's very painful and other times it's wonderful. Keep going.


Margie Church said...

From my friend, Cheryl:

Margie, I tried to post this on your newest blog tour spot but it did not like me for some reason. So, I am sending it here. I really am having no luck with those various blogs. I think I have it figured out and then whammo! I am sorely mistaken. Anyway, I know my answer will not count for others o see but I had to share it with you. I really loved your dinner party guests.

I have to agree that you sort of do look like Hilary, but far better looking. Love that you would have James there with JP II and Bill. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that dinner party. I have no doubt it would be very interesting. As for dancing, all you gotta do is bounce Margie and you and that black dress would be the hit of the evening. Hey if I can do it, I know you can. :) As for a story I would write, wow that is a toughie. However, if I had to choose I think I would have to go with something close to home. I know it would be boring but I could surely write some drama about the life of a working mom and the chaos that happens in her life with her kids. I could include romance and drama and comedy. Heck I think I even have some lovely personal experiences that would work for angst. I know not the greatest but it's the best I got right now. Love your book tour! So glad it is going well for you!!!!!

B.J. Wheeler said...

Steamy stuff, Margie! I'm not sure how much you know about the book I'm working on right now. I think you know the basics- Half-Angel vampire slayer that ends up fighting on the same side with a Vampire.

Of course, I love anything that ends up having a love story twined into it, no matter what the genre. Though I do tend to like a lot of action and adventure with strong characters. There has to be humor thrown in, even if it pops up in a scene you might not expect it to. Like right after the first time she beheads a vampire...
Mwah! Congrats on your virtual tour, Margie!

Hales said...

Great blog! I can't wait to get a copy I still drool over the cover!

skyla11377 said...

Thank you Hales. I just want to thank everyone who has stopped by and who will stop by to support Margie. I am very honored that she was able to stop by my blog yesterday and I am just as excited for my readers to get a chance to win Dangerous Love. You ROCK Margie....^_^.

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm not very good at writing fiction, I dream about writing my very own cookbook. :) I have lots of different ideas for recipes, book formats and such, we'll just have to wait and see if it happens!

Kate1485 at hotmail.com

Margie Church said...

Hi BJ! Thx for following me over here. I'm looking forward to hearing about your winged hero. I'm sure it's going to be a steamy love story.


Margie Church said...

Hi Hales! You keep drooling! LOL If I ever have a poster give away again, you'll get one.

Great to see you here.


Margie Church said...

Jasmine, if cooking is your passion that is what you should write about. Good luck achieving your dream and thanks for stopping by.


Margie Church said...

Raquel, thank you for having me and for continuing to help promote my book tour. I so appreciate it.


skyla11377 said...

You are so more than welcome Margie....^_^.

Debbie Laurie said...

I want Dangerous Love.... I've read some of her other books and they are Delicious.... This will be my first Paranormal Romance Book!!!!

Debbie Laurie said...

If I could write a book it would be a Menage of Dallas Hockey players with a Sudectress with Long Blonde Hair.. And she would actually be a Heir from a Texas Oil Empire. If you Write it. I'll buy it. :O)

Best Wishes w/Dangerous Love.........

Margie Church said...

Debbie...you came right out and asked for the book. It's yours. congrats.


Mrs. Joey said...

Congrats Debbie!

skyla11377 said...

Congrats Debbie, and thank you to all who stopped by my blog to show Margie some love.

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