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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review Of A Beautiful Silence By Lee Brazil

A Beautiful Silence By Lee Brazil

  • Paperback: 124 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (December 27, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 145637771X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1456377717
  • ASIN: B0049H8WJQ
  • Source: Amazon.Com (link to purchase HERE)
  • Purchase: Amazon.Co.UK (link to purchase HERE)
  • Special Alert Content: M/M and some bondage
  • Age: 18+

  • Blurb:

    Dr. Mackenzie Taylor has been happy with his life thus far. He*s got a successful career, a great group of friends, a terrific home on the California coast and a sexy younger lover. Mack*s just turned forty-five though, and thinks its time to settle down and start the family he*s always wanted. He doesn*t want to spend his weekends rushing out to his lover*s country hide away or waiting around for Lex to arrive in Newport Beach. He doesn*t want to wake up alone, eat take out meals or drink with his friends in local bars. Mack*s boyfriend of two years is a reclusive writer of growing fame nearly twenty years his junior. While Mack has had his chance to sow his wild oats and be the life of the party, Lex has stayed close to home and lived a pretty sedate lifestyle despite his glamorous career and eccentric wardrobe. A long distance relationship has suited both men for the past two years, but things are changing, and they aren*t managing to spend much time together. The distance between them now seems to be more than physical, and Mack is discovering a new insecurity that has come with age, while Lex is discovering that success in his chosen career comes at a price.

    I have recently gotten to know author Lee Brazil from talking to him via Facebook. My mother has been talking to him for a while and she told me about his book A Beautiful Silence. Now at this point I had to tell her how bogged down in author requested book reviews I was and therefore would read it at some point but was not going to be able to get do it soon. So of course my mother being the person that she is (pushy which is sometimes what makes her endearing and I won't admit it to her ever....LOL) finished the book in 2.2 seconds (which she didn't actually do but if I blinked I swear I would have missed it) and sent it on to me like I was expecting it (which I wasn't....see above....lol). So, here I am reading my other "required" books and Lee's book just keep staring at me. Which is my fault, I admit. because I put it right in front of my computer monitor but I digress from my point. Okay it was looking at me and I kept picking it up and putting it down telling myself I didn't have time for a book other than the one's I had been asked to read. That is until last night when I just needed a little diversion from the book I was supposed to be reading. I told myself I'll just start reading it while I am cooking and then I will go back to my other book but I think Mr. Lee had other plans for me because I didn't put the book down until I finished it. This book was so HOT even though it was like -2 degrees outside and I was tempted to put my fan on. This book is about a couple Mackenzie a.k.a. Mack a 45 year old old successful doctor and Lex a 27 year old paranoid writer who is also a recluse by choice. Mack is at a point in his life were he wants a home and a person to share his life with not just his bed but he feels what can a 27 year old really see in him considering he is almost 20 years older than him. Mack starts seeing possible flaws or imperfections in himself which isn't helped by the lack of response that he has been feeling for a while coming from Lex's side of the relationship. Lex is supposed to spend the weekend with Mack but when he comes home to his condo with no sign of Lex insight Mack just starts to shut down. After 2 years of being together Mack feels it is time to put up or shut up. Either he puts up with the rejection he feels or he shuts up about it and cuts his losses while he still can. After Mack's epiphany he heads out in search of Lex so that he might reveal his ultimate decision and let the chips fall as they may. That is when the story really kicks in and we are treating to not only a weekend but a week of Mack and Lex trying to do things and say things without any words but the only problem with that is Mack is still in the dark to how Lex REALLY feels about him. With the help of his best friend Mack realizes that he just might be sabotaging his relationship all by himself in the vain attempt to stop himself from ultimately being hurt by Lex in the end. The interaction between the two characters when they are together is riveting to read. They do things that I would have never even thought of (until now that is....lol). Again, like in Brita Addams book Love Immortal I forgot all about the fact that I was reading a book about two men because this can happen in any relationship whether you are gay or straight. I think everyone at one time or another must wonder if they are enough for somebody or feel the strains of some sort of difference be it age, religion, ethnicity, values or whatever the case may be. This book shows that in all things you need communication otherwise you are just hurting yourself by the unknown. Hard to believe I got all of this out from just reading a 120 paged book. It just shows you the skill level at which Lee works. On a scale from 1-10 I give it a 10. I encourage and even challenge everyone age 18+ to pick up this book and not find at least one similarity between yourself (at one time or another) and Lee's two characters. Thanks mom for getting me to read this book sooner rather than later and thank you to Lee for writing such a great book.




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