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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review Of Rescued By L. E. Harner

Three's Allowed: Rescued By L. E. Harner

ISBN: 978-1-60088-605-8
Genre: Ménage/Suspense
Length: Tryst 30K
Content: Erotic Romance
Special Content Alert: This title contains explicit language and graphic sex
Source And Purchase: Cobblestone Press (link to purchase HERE)
Age: 18+


Elizabeth Ashford tries to escape her wife-beating husband before he kills her, by running into the wilderness near a highway rest area. Michael Enwright is a self-made millionaire and expert in high tech security. At the first rest stop of his long overdue sabbatical, he sees the fleeing woman and intervenes, saving Elizabeth’s life, while nearly losing his own.

Unfortunately, Michael’s help is misinterpreted by the local Sheriff, Graeme Kennedy, who has Michael handcuffed and face down in the dirt before Elizabeth can set him straight. In order to protect the only woman he ever loved, Graeme is forced to work with Michael and bring both of them to his cabin for protection

Graeme finally has Elizabeth under his roof, right where he’s always wanted her. So why is he jacking off to visions of the drop dead gorgeous and take-charge Michael? Some things never change.

Rescued was my first foray into reading a menage story. The way I was brought up was things like this were not talked about let alone being read by any respectable person. Well luckily for everyone the sexual revolution has come a long, long way. I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect upon picking up this book but what I read surprised me. The story is about Elizabeth (a.k.a. Lizzy) an abused wife, Graeme her old high school boyfriend/friend, and Michael a not-so basic computer geek who needs to take a break from it all. A chance meeting between all three people throws them in the path of Lizzy's abusive husband, as well as, united them with a common bond....survival. The three of them hole up in Graeme's cabin until they find Lizzy's husband and stop him from ever hurting anyone again. It is this forced confinement that really gets Graeme, Michael, and Lizzy to realize their growing attraction for one another and forced to face feelings/desires they never dreamed existed. Michael was having trouble dealing with his attraction to Graeme because until them he always loved woman. Graeme always loved Lizzy (but his attraction to men he felt needed to be explored back in high school) but he can't deny his attraction for Michael. While Lizzy has always loved Graeme she wonders what it would be like with Michael. For me, this was all so fascinating because I felt for each person's plight and I could see how much they all needed each other so when the three of them slowly came together it seems so natural, as if that was the way things have always been done. There was no right or wrong, there was just these three people who desperately needed to belong to one another and feel they were safe and loved. Any preconceived notions I might have had about menage e trois were totally tossed out the window by the end of this book. I will no longer think bad thoughts about people who chose to enter into this kind of lifestyle, see learning is fun....lol. On a scale from 1-10 I gives this book a 10 because it reminded me not to pre-judge what was once considered to be taboo but to embrace sexual freedom more.



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