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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review Of Serena Embracing Darkness By Laurie Bowler

Serena Embracing Darkness By Laurie Bowler

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  • Blurb:

    Serena finds herself thrown into the dark world of the dead, her own maker had killed himself shortly after biting her. Leaving her unconscious and unaware of the monster she'd become, her only clue to his identity was the relic he'd left behind, the one Serena lovingly placed around her neck before returning home to her mortal family where she tried in vain to live without being noticed for the blood thirsty monster she'd become.
    The relic that will inevitably open the gates of hell and unleash war across the human race; must be kept safe and away from the greedy hands of other immortals.
    Serena is the keeper and unknowingly holds the relic, while her mother harbours the secrets that will end the current conflict.
    It’s only then Serena finds the truth about immortality and how to reside harmoniously alongside humans, the price of immortality is immensely high, she must release her hold over her mortal life.
    Survival, wits and the bonds of love are the concepts that will see Serena through the path of righteousness and allow her to live through the immortal path of time with a wealthy knowledge and expectancy of things to come.

    Together they must stand and fight while maintaining their own level of pride in their feeding combined with the teachings of Tim into the revelations of the new world which is dark and dangerous beyond Serena’s control.

    Will Laurie never cease to amaze me? Her Vampire stories always seem to consume me. When I first starting reading Serena Embracing Darkness I thought Serena Taylor was such a cold-hearted b*tch. I knew from reading the blurb and all that Serena was a Vampire but in the very beginning it didn't appear that she was one yet and so I was enraged by her behavior towards her husband and especially her children. As the story progresses shortly after that I get slapped in the face with the realization that, yes Serena is in fact a Vampire and she seems to have met her equal in Timothy a.k.a Tim. They seem to instantly have a love/hate relationship that is fun to read and watch unfold. In this Vampire tale all the Vampires know what you are thinking and therefore one must always been on their guard not to think about anything that will cause the wrath of the other Vampires which, for Serena, is hard to do at first. I loved her little twist on these Vampires. Upon their first meeting Serena does the unthinking (which she doesn't know at the time) all the while not realizing that Tim is a silent witness to her misdeed. Tim in no uncertain terms explains to Serena that she must come with him and he will teach her how to be a Vampire. What we do not realize up to this point is that Serena has never met another of her kind except for her maker whom takes his own life shortly after biting her. Therefore she is unskilled in how to hunt and what laws she must govern herself by. This is where their clash of wills takes off and is most enjoyable to behold. As soon as Serena starts to pick up on the do's and don'ts of being a Vampire it quickly turns into Tim needing to protect his new apprentice from her foolhardiness and other Vampires that are out to destroy her for doing the unthinkable. Because of this they free to America from where they are in Abu Dhabi. No sooner do they get to America and all Hell seems to break loose. Now the other Vampires don't just want her dead they want some mysterious relic that her mother had stolen from her ex-boyfriend whom we find out is not just any ole' Vampire but one who has appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner of all Vampires. This book was enthralling and had me quickly turning the pages. I know this review may, to some, seem cryptic but to explain to much, in my opinion, might ruin other peole's enjoyment of this book. In reading this book you learn not all is as it seems and what you think you thought never was. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 10. Lauie is forever impressing me with her unique writing style and creative situations. If you enjoyed her Moon Rising Series or if you are looking for a dark paranormal story you really need to pick up this book.




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