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Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview And Giveaway With Author Laurie Bowler

Today I have the very talented author Laurie Bowler answering some questions and giving 2 lucky people an ebook copy of the first 2 books in her Moon Rising Series (Moon Rising and Sunrise To Sunset) and her first book in her Embracing Darkness Series (Serena Embracing Darkness). Yes, you have read it correctly TWO people will be getting ebooks copies of Moon Rising, Sunrise To Sunset, And Serena Embracing Darkness. I have read ALL three of them and have loved them. Nessy was a great character to get to know and Serena well she surprised me in a good way. Links to my review of all 3 books are after Laurie's Interview as well as the form to enter this giveaway.

1) What sparked the fire in you, to make you, want to become a writer?

I have been asked this question so many times. In November 2009 I woke up one day and decided I wanted to write a book. I settled down in front of my laptop in the middle of the noise my daughter was making, and began and since then I haven’t stopped but I feel I have developed in my writing skills and with each book that I produce.

2) A lot of the books you write have Vampires in them in one capacity or another. What is it about Vampires that seems to hold your interest?

I love writing about vampires, they intrigue me. Their strength and the way they have been portrayed in films and other books has always made me wish I could write about them for years, and now I am writing about them. Some of my newest works is going to be non vampire related because I want to try something a little different.

3) What books do you read for fun and which author's and genre's are your favorite?

I like reading Danielle Steele and Virginia Andrews, I could happily settle down for the evening with one of their books. Something that's totally different to paranormal is good for me to read and takes me away from my writing to be able to relax.
4) I always like to ask this question because I love to hear the different responses this question garners. If you could have a dinner party with any 5 people (living or dead) who would you invite and why?

WOW! Does it have to be 5?? I’d invite everyone if I could, fans included!!
I would have to say though and this is just a rough list Yourself of course because you are so awesome! You know I really can’t choose, I would prefer to invite everyone famous, alive or dead. I like to be friendly and have lots of people around me.

5) Some author's say their books are like their children and they could never choose a favorite so I put this question to you. Do you have a favorite story that you have written or which story is the most personal to you?

My favourite is one that’s due to be released titled ‘Depths of Darkness’. It was written a short while ago and I have added so many different ideas to the books characters. Some of the paranormal creatures are purely imaginative creatures that I have created and added to spice up the storyline. I enjoyed writing it and I had so much fun twisting the plot.

6) Do you have any advice for other aspiring author's out there?

Believe in yourself and as some of you may have heard me (or read) on other blogs stick to something that I remind myself of every single day. You can't please everyone with your stories, but if you gain a good review from just one person then you have yourself a fan for life and you have succeeded!

7) Is there any one thing or series of items that you need in order to sit down and write?

No, only my laptop, all of my writing and ideas just flow together the minute I sit down with my laptop. Chapters and characters just begin to appear and before I know it I’ve created an entire book.

8) When you are not writing what do you do for fun?

I like to see my friends, take part in interviews such as this and try to do as much promotional work as I can. I love spending time with my small family, and I enjoy trying to bake cakes with my daughter and we make as much mess as we possibly can!!

9) How do you feel about using social media networks (such as Facebook and Twitter to name a few) to connect with your readers?

I am connected to facebook under author Laurie Bowler and twitter under laurieAuthor. I think they are a great idea to keep readers up to date with new ideas, book signings etc...

10) What does the future hold for you book wise (any upcoming releases or book signings things of that nature)?

I have many books being released this year and I am so excited because the 3rd book to the Moon Rising series is being released and I have had enormous fun writing about Nessy and the Gulons!! I am currently writing a digital short story series called Across the City which is about vampires, chapter one, two and three are available for download from amazon. Be on the look out for Depths of Darkness, Volcan Knights, Skelthra and many more titles that are either being completed or are in editorial at the moment. It's such an exciting time. Also you can head on over to goodreads.com and add me as a friend, I am an active author there and I tend to blog as much as I am able too about everything that I take part in.

My Review Of
Moon Rising
My Review Of Sunrise To Sunset

I can't thank Laurie enough for stopping by and agreeing to let me interview her even though I know she has a very busy schedule. If you would like to win Laurie's three books just fill out this
FORM. This giveaway is international (as long as you are able to accept ebooks).



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