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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Roses And Shattered Glass Anthology Comes Out Monday, April 4,2011

Red Roses And Shattered Glass Anthology By H.C. Brown, Indigo Skye, Justine Elyot, Mindy McKay, Gianna Simone, And J,S, Wayne

Because some like it dark . . . .

Six Noble authors take you on a variety of dark, mind- and panty-twisting journeys that ultimately prove: love doesn't always go as planned.

Book Blurbs:

A Fantasy to Remember by H.C. Brown

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary

Mia is the typical quiet, responsible librarian. However, behind the scenes, she enjoys a rollicking hot sex life with her six-foot-five, delicious husband. They love to role-play in a variety of kinky and sometimes dangerous situations. On her way home one night, a masked stranger abducts her. Should she fear for her life, or is this her greatest fantasy?

Special Content Alert:

Role-play, Abduction, Forced sex, Voyeurism, Spanking, Light bondage, Dubious consent


My Demon Lover by Indigo Skye

Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal

When Caitlin moves to a new apartment, her downstairs neighbor Damian welcomes her to the neighborhood with a bang. After he disappears, leaving only a Tarot card behind, she discovers his true nature. Will they meet again for one, last, hot night together? Or will Caitlin find new love?

Special Content Alert:

Demons, Dark Erotic Romance


Consorting by Justine Elyot

Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy

The responsibilities of royalty weigh heavy, and the time has come for Queen Lucasta to choose a husband. Her three suitors seek to impress

in and out of the bedroom, but what does she really want from a consort? Will she take the safe path and risk accepting the offer from a man who promises little more than mindless pleasure and sycophantic flattery? Or will Queen Lucasta hold out long enough to learn that giving up control will earn her delights beyond measure.

Special Content Alert: Spanking, light BDSM


The Innocent by Mindy MacKay

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Jason, underling of an endangered vampire coven, seeks refuge in a cross-country road trip with his human consort, Ashleigh. Before they reach their destination though, Jason receives news that could change the course of their trip and the course of Ashleigh's life--that is, unless she has anything to say about it.

Special Content Alert: Dark Humor


Bound for Love by Gianna Simon

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary

Two years after her master left her, Nina is ready to test the waters and find a new one. Deciding familiarity will help ease her back into the scene, she returns to the BDSM club where she first met Zane. Zane has spent the last two years full of regret for walking out on Nina. When she appears in the club the same night he returns, he thinks his dreams may have come true. But how will he convince her he's ready to accept her on her terms? Will Nina be able to resist him and avoid having her heartbroken a second time?

Special Content Alert: BDSM


Espiritu Sancti by J.S. Wayne

Genre: Erotic Romance, Horror, Paranormal

When Isabel Roquefale earns a scholarship to study in Romania, she's thrilled. As a lifelong devotee of vampire legend, the opportunity is a dream come true. While she's there, she encounters the beautiful Lilliana. Something about the woman calls to Isabel, stirring her blood and her desire in ways she's never known and compelling her to offer herself completely to Lilliana. But Lilliana has a secret; one that Isabel pays a tragic price to learn. When Isabel awakens in Lilliana's ancestral mausoleum, at first, she believes it's a hideous practical joke. She quickly learns otherwise. And both women are about to learn that some desires survive even death.

Special Content Alert: Lesbian, Gothic Horror


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