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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Release Day Madness And Guest Post With The Phenomenal Author Brita Addams


Dr. Bryan Newcastle needs a respite from his grueling medical practice. He's looking for someone to free his mind and his body, to take him to unexplored sexual heights. So on impulse, he plunks down his credit card and commits himself to a Gay BDSM cruise he hopes will answer his prayers.

Dom Phil Sanderson is looking for a vacation sub. With a keycard slid across the lunch table, Bryan is plunged into Phil's decadent world, where sexual submission is only the beginning. Phil brings his willing sub to new heights, but soon realizes seven days just isn't enough for either of them.

Will Bryan and Phil be able to return to their former lives, or has the journey to Bryan's sexual freedom only begun?

Welcome back to day 2 of Release Day madness with the phenomenal author Brita Addams. Today we are giving much over due love to Brita's Sunday (6/5/11) Release Free Me. Brita has been so kind as to stop by yet again today to guest post for everyone. After her post there will be a nice excerpt (intended for only readers who are 18+ years of age) for all you naughty boys and girls....*wink*. Brita you know have the floor, the bed, the chair, or the wall, whatever tickles your fancy....lol.

As anyone who has read a Brita Addams book knows, contemporary settings have never figured into my writing. That's why Free Me is such a thrill for me and the writing of it was surprisingly liberating.

Amber Quill Press, an invitation only publishing house, had a special submissions call under its GLBT brand, Amber Allure. I was encouraged to submit a story for the Postcards From Paradise series. The premise was that the characters wouldn't have met had it not been for the vacation they went on.

Cruising happens to be our favorite kind of vacation and we've gone on many over the years, so it seemed a natural to set my story on a cruise ship.

To write using current language was a treat, though I confess I love archaic English. Cell phones, television, take-out, well all the modern stuff let me come forth with some humor and sayings I don't normally use.

Bryan is sexually repressed and though he knows there's more to be had, he's only allowed himself to glimpse at it, by going to a modern day Sapphire Club, named for the legendary club in England in the early 19th century. I try to slip in mention of my fictional club in every book, and I couldn't let this one go by without it.

Phil is on the gay BDSM cruise for fun – he wants to find a vacation sub. Phil isn't the normal Dom, as I don't truly understand the master/slave dynamic. Phil is an erotic Dom, a seductive guy who enjoys topping. I tried to portray him completely differently from other characters I've read, where the guy is a real hard ass. Phil isn't that way. This isn't a lifestyle necessarily for him, but rather sexual games.
I hope you enjoy the excerpt and then the book. Please let me know.



Free Me Excerpt:

...Bryan paced and made to leave several times as he waited. He’d touched nothing in Phil’s cabin; instead, he’d spent most of his time staring out the porthole at the sparkling water under a full, golden moon and wondered if he was doing the wise thing.

When he heard the lock engage in the door, he turned toward the sound. Phil strode into the room and took Bryan’s breath away. The man was beautiful. There was promise in his smile. He could only imagine giving himself over to this man, as he relinquished his will and allowed someone else to think for him. The idea sounded like heaven, at least, in the short term.

Phil stood in the middle of the room, his legs braced, his arms down at his sides. Bryan wasn’t sure if he should speak, so chose silence. He trusted Phil would guide him through this initial awkwardness. The first order came almost as the decision to be silent was made.

“Come, stand before me.” Phil’s voice was low, but demanding.

Without hesitation, Bryan said, “Yes, sir.”

“You must always lower your gaze in my presence, unless I give you permission to the contrary.”

Bryan did as instructed. He could smell the wine on Phil’s breath and he had an inexplicable urge to kiss the taste off Phil’s lips.

The thought, however, was erased with Phil’s stern words. “Raise your arms above your head.”

As though of their own accord, Bryan’s arms rose and his fingers locked, making him feel more vulnerable than he’d expected.

Phil placed a warm hand on Bryan’s cheek and traced his cheekbone with his thumb. Bryan resisted the temptation to lean into the touch or even close his eyes, but it felt so good to receive the intimacy.

“What is it you expect of me, Bryan?”

The question came out of left field and it rocked him. Of all he’d thought about since he’d last seen Phil, he’d not once thought of what he expected. Rather, he’d wondered what Phil would expect of him and had long since concluded he’d gladly give the man whatever he wanted.

Again, gently, Phil said, “Tell me.”

Bryan’s mind stumbled across words like “fuck” and “suck” and “spank,” but somehow he couldn’t say them. Finally, he settled on, “I want whatever it is you expect of me.”

Phil leaned in and his warm breath bathed Bryan’s ear as he whispered, “Good answer. If you remember that, we’ll get along nicely.”

Phil stepped behind him, his hands never leaving Bryan’s body as he touched, rubbed and glided over his ass clad in imported cotton, and then stopped. Only when he was sure Phil couldn’t see his face did Bryan dare close his eyes.

His cock hardened and his mind raced with any number of suggestions as to what Phil could do with those hands, yet he sensed Phil had the situation well under control.

Phil snaked his arms around Bryan’s body and undid his belt. As the leather slid through the loops, Bryan’s imagination went wild. Soon, he heard a crack and wondered if Phil had actually doubled his belt and snapped it.

“Unfasten your pants and let them drop to the floor.”

Bryan’s arms felt heavy as he lowered them and unbuttoned his white Ralph Lauren’s. He struggled to control his breathing, as he felt himself being ensnared in Phil’s web of seduction. As he nudged his pants over his hips, he felt the leather of what he assumed was his own belt on his ass—his naked ass, as he abhorred wearing underwear of any kind.

His cock was rock hard, angled, straight, and ready for action. Phil drew the belt up the length of Bryan’s crack, and Bryan feared losing what control he’d managed to exert. He’d never been seduced with such care, with such mystery, and it felt damn good. Then everything seemed to stop. Bryan felt Phil’s absence, as he was left standing, untouched, his pants at his ankles. He heard a noise. Something heavy being dragged, but he didn’t dare turn to look...

My, my, my that was a rather HOT tasty tidbit. I want to thank Brita so much for spending these two days at my blog and treating all my readers to some amazing treats. Seeing as Brita is such a giver, if you have read her
Facebook page you will surely know that she is having a book giveaway on my blog. Make sure you
say hello, by leaving a comment or even a question for Brita. Commenters qualify for a book giveaway so you might want to comment away here and/or yesterdays post....^_^.



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