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Monday, June 6, 2011

Release Day Of The Rogue's Salvation And Interview With It's Wonderful Author Brita Addams


Thomasine Littlebury is a spoiled, young girl, until the death of someone close pitches her headlong into adulthood. As she struggles to manage her life with little money and less social prestige, she's struck down, leaving her scarred, alone and in the hands of a handsome man with a huge secret.

Myles Cunningham is a rogue of the first water, who answers every call to pleasure and decadence without a second thought. During one such foray, the fates conspire to throw Myles and Thomasine together, in a most unfortunate way.

Acting as the Good Samaritan, Myles sees to the young woman's recovery and finds himself attracted to her strength and beauty.

As their relationship progresses, circumstances conspire to force them to marry to preserve Thomasine's honor. He fears the discovery of his secret might destroy their fragile rapport, yet he desperately needs Thomasine, for he's convinced she, above all others, is the rogue's salvation.

OMG is this not a HOT, HOT, HOT cover. Not to mention hello it has Jimmy Thomas on the cover. Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing the AMAZING Brita Addams who stopped by for The Rogues Salvation's Release Day. Brita also released Free Me yesterday, which by the way, has another great cover. Tomorrow I will be showing Free Me some love with a Guest Post by none other than Brita herself. So that is two fun packed days with Brita Addams and some RED HOT MEN. So sit back relax and enjoy my interview with the incomparable Brita Addams.

1) How do you come up with all your great story ideas and characters. Is it just your imagination or things that happen in your life for example?

I wish there was a magical answer to this, but the truth is the stories are all figments of my
imagination. Surely, I take tidbits from experiences, but with the historicals, that's not the
case. I recently wrote a novella that will be out in November, loosely based on the love
between my great aunt and uncle.

Sometimes a character will have a trait or two of someone I know or knew, but most of the
time they are unto themselves.

2) What is your favorite time period to write about?

I love history, any history. I write stories that take place in the Regency Era, which lasted only
nine years in the early 19th century. The 19th century is my favorite, maybe because I've always
believed I was born in the wrong century. I have an old soul. I do favor modern conveniences,
air conditioning, and the computer amongst my very favorites.

I love period piece movies and read almost exclusively, historical romance, favoring m/m
these days, though a good hot romance will do the trick too.

I did learn that I enjoy writing contemporary, when I wrote Free Me and In His Arms, a
male/male series I've written for Amber Allure. It was liberating in a way to use modern day
English, but I'll never give up my historicals.

3) What are one or two things you would like to check off your bucket list?

Great question! I want to go to England, probably more than any other trip I want to take. And
I'd like to ride in a helicopter. Two disparate wants, but there they are.

I've ridden in a hot air balloon and I loved it, but a helicopter has a fear factor involved, which
makes it almost mandatory I do it.

4) If your life was made into a movie who would you want to portray you?

Oh, my. I'm afraid a movie about my life would be a huge yawn. I'm really quite ordinary, as I
believe most writers are. I'm a wife, a mom, a house cleaner and laundress. No real glamour
here for sure. I'm not sure there's anyone ordinary enough to play me.

5) How much time do you put into researching for your stories (i.e. places, clothing, people,

I love this question! I spend an extraordinary amount of time researching – work I love, though
it does eat up a lot of writing time. I have tons of books on English history and I have websites
I visit for specific facts. I also watch a ton of period movies, to get the feel for the spoken
word, the clothes and mannerisms. I no longer watch movies for entertainment, but for little
tidbits of information I can glean or a certain look or flick of the wrist.

I firmly believe that if one writes an historical piece, it should reflect the period and not just be
a costume drama. I recently spent several hours researching pain relief and muscle relaxation
methods in 1820. All that for a one sentence mention in a book I'm writing. BUT, they didn't
take aspirin in those days.

Research is probably the most important thing I do while writing. For instance, I rarely use
words that weren't used during the time period. Now, on occasion, I do, for example in The
Rogue's Salvation, I used the word angst, which didn't come into the verbal lexicon until 1840.
However, the word fit better than any I could think of and I used it.

Contractions were rarely used until later in the century, save for shouldn't, couldn't and
wouldn't. I do use them though, mostly in narrative, sometimes in dialogue, depending upon
who's speaking.

I study hairstyles, fashion, what the parks might have looked like at the time, social mores and
all other things that will help to make my stories as authentic as I can. Thankfully, I love
research, but it does take an inordinate amount of time to get it right.

6) What advice can you give to other aspiring writers?

Write and study your craft. That is advice every writer will give and live by themselves. Writing
is a fluid pursuit, ever changing and evolving. I learn something new with every edit, I try new
things and I'm always asking questions. I love learning. The other bit of advice – read, read,
read. So much is learned from reading other authors, those you admire. Be open to advice,
critique and helpful hints.

) What do you have coming up this year (i.e. books, appearances, signings, blog chats)?

Lots of new works in progress. I have the sequel to Free Me, my first male/male contemporary,
called In His Arms, coming out at Amber Allure on August 7th. Then the paperback of both stories combined will be out in mid-September.

With my friend and co-writer, Bryl R. Tyne, I'm writing the Johan's Quest series and the first book, The Soulless Man, will be out in the fall. We have at least three books planned for that series, which is neo-noir. I love noir and so does Bryl, so we've created Johan in that vein. The first book takes place in 1968 New Orleans. Something very different from anything either of us has written before.

I've just submitted Demands of the Heart, which is contracted, but I don't have a release date as
yet. I'm assuming sometime in the fall as well.

Then the piece I mentioned before based on the love between my great aunt and uncle. That piece is called An Evening at the Starlight. It's told in first person and recalls the 1940's, WWII and a bit of a lesson for a young couple with problems. The novella is part of the November Noble Authors Timeless Desire Blog Tour. I have another piece to write for the tour, which is based on the premise of timeless desire. Each story from our six (I believe there are six) authors will standalone and be combined in an anthology, from what I understand.
Then I have several works in progress, including another Sapphire Club installment, but no time frame on that right now.

From October 13-16, I'll be in New Orleans at the Gay Lit Retreat. There will be a book signing, I believe on the 15th aboard a steam-driven paddlewheeler. I'm looking forward to that a lot.
The November Noble Authors Blog Tour is November 8-29. I'll have a schedule on my site for all the stops. There are many.

Thank you Raquel for having me. I always love visiting with you.

I love to entertain, so stop by my website at www.britaaddams.com and say hi. You can also find
me on
Facebook and Twitter.

f you'd like to read an excerpt from my two newest releases, here's where you can find them:

Free Me:

The Rogue's Salvation:

I want to thank Brita so much for stopping by and allowing me to interview her and letting me drool allover her book cover with Jimmy Thomas....lol. Make sure you come by tomorrow for more Brita and some Free Me love....*wink*.


Brita Addams said...

Hi Raquel,

Thanks so much for having me for two whole days. You are too generous. I'll be stopping back to say hi.


Amara Devonte said...

*waves* Hiya Brita. Great interview. Congragts on the release. :)

Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Great interview. I adding this book into my pile.

skyla11377 said...

Hey Brita,

I always love having you stop by. I am so excited for both of your book releases.

Hey Amara,

Thank you so much. That is nice of you to say.

Hey Laurie,

Thanks for enjoying my interview with Brita. In my opinion, you can never go wrong when you read one of Brita's books.

Brita Addams said...

Hi Everyone. Today's been busy, but thought I'd stop back to say hi. Hi Amara. Great to see you here, my dear. Hi Laurie. I hope you enjoy The Rogue's Salvation. Please let me know.

Off to write,
Hugs Skyla and everyone. I'll be back tomorrow with Free Me!

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