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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Booktacular: How Mahalia Levey Sort Of Celebrates Halloween And A Short Story Giveaway

Welcome to day 7 of our Halloween Booktacular Event. My blog along with Good Choice Reading Blog, Books With Bite Blog, Once Upon A Twilight Blog, An Avid Readers Musings Blog, AliseOnLife Blog, and Dark Readers Blog have been having some AMAZING authors stop by our blogs and giving away books. Mahalia knows how to write a HOT story. She will be giving away an ebook copy of her short story All Bets Are Off (which comes out on Halloween). Check out my review Here and bottom of this post. Since this is an erotic short story this giveaway is for 18+ and adult and since it's an ebook it is open internationally as long as you can accept ebooks. To enter just leave a comment with your e-mail address. Every story of her's I have ever read I have just loved. I hope after this you become as big a fan as me.

Happy Halloween!
I’m not much of a Halloween Person. We didn’t celebrate it very much, nor did my own kids. I had an issue when they were little with letting them speak to strangers and knock on doors when the rest of the year it wasn’t allowed. Instead we threw parties in our home and invited our friends, people I knew were safe. As they got older they were allowed to go trick or treating with friends in our neighborhood and now they hand out candy. The DH and I go to costume parties once and awhile or I go out with my girlfriends to the club having the best party.
I’m a bit of a sissy and I proclaim it proudly. I do NOT do scary….at all. I will have nightmares from movies for days. I barely could handle Freddie growing up. Sublime freaked me the H out and The Descent with the mutated humans or creatures as cannibals really scared the ish out of me! Instead I like to watch the humorous movies. I love Zombieland and the cheesier movies and Hocus Pocus, Casper, Wendy lol basically anything Teen Disney we watch in my house. Now that mine are into the spooky movies, I still hide out! What is your favorite Halloween Memory and Movie! One random commenter will win a copy of my short Halloween Read All Bets Are Off. Excerpt is below!

All Bets Are Off- A Halloween Tale


Militant bastards! Why did Brendon’s team get the good bids and her team the crap ones? The way the cards fall my ass. Jaynie closed her office door and popped her Bluetooth in her ear, contemplating how to tell her team they were stuck babysitting a team of professional hockey players at a Halloween party. Hockey wasn’t even in season.  If she went to her boss and screamed sexual discrimination, it’d only put her team deeper in the crapper. Yes, technically they were still the newbies, but how could her team prove competency without being thrust into the chaos of all things fucked? 
Uniformity was the key. She looked around her plain office, sucked her teeth and dialed Afrika’s number to break the news. “We didn’t get our bid, again.”
“You’re the only one who expected a complicated assignment. Damn, girl, you should rest easy. I mean what could be worse than babysitting a team of smoking hot hockey players?”
Afrika made sense but still it rankled. “It’s just—”
“Hot bodies, terrible tempers, and we get to calm them down if things turn to shit. What is wrong with your brain? Foreign dignitaries? Politicians? Boring. Going overseas now that would be fun but we just returned from field training. Why would you want to saddle us with that?”
“Status, to prove we can handle real shit. Ya know. To show when it comes down to it we’re just as prepared, just as good as Bren’s team.” She fiddled with her phone.
“But we’re not. Deep down you know we’re not as experienced as his team. They’ve been together for years. You’ve watched them, they don’t anticipate a thing, it’s like they read each other without thinking, just doing. Those jobs you want, we’re not ready for and why should we ask for those bids knowing we’re not on their level—yet? Give us another year together. We’ll get there, let the men be men. Our job isn’t bad. We’re with the number one personal security company worldwide. Others would salivate to be able to work any gig here, so quit pissing and moaning already.”
“I. Grr. Whose team are you on exactly?”
“Remind me you said that when we practice takedowns on the mats.  I got your back always chica, and right now you’ve got that tunnel vision that blocks common sense.”
Without knocking, a body moved into her line of vision and sat on the edge of her desk.  God, he smelled good.  “Afrika, I’ll call you back.” She punched her Bluetooth, disconnecting the call, sucked in a breath and when she looked up, hoped he didn’t notice her noticing him, not on the level she was at least. Dressed in a tight fitting shirt and black slacks he screamed sheer masculinity.  While her brain told her to avoid all contact, she couldn’t help the gravitational pull that happened in close proximity. “Do you ever knock?”
“When a door is closed.” Brendon reached over and plucked the device out of her ear, tossing it onto the desk. 
“Hey! What was that for?”
“So our little chat doesn’t get interrupted.”
“We’re not having a chat. You can leave just as you entered.”
“No sweets, not ‘til you tell me what your fuckin’ problem with me is.”
“You’re a sneak and an asshole.” Jaynie pushed her chair from her desk, desperate for some distance between them.
“You know damn well I wanted the last two jobs your team got.”
“Your team has to go through every step my team had to go through. There are no shortcuts sweets and if you can’t deal you and your team can leave.  The boss, for damn sure, isn’t going to jeopardize the lives of his employees or the targets we’re assigned to because an overzealous member feels slighted.”
“Scared of being beat by a girl?”
“Don’t push too hard, sweets, you might not like what you provoke.”
“Scared of a man like you? You may tower over me, and flash those brown eyes at me, but you don’t scare me. “She edged closer, ready to pull the tiger by the tail. “Let’s bet. The Halloween Party that’s here this weekend. Winner of best costume gets the gig.”
“You’re on, sweet cheeks, but when you lose, and you will, don’t bitch over the shit jobs I’ll sling your way.”
“Shit jobs?”
Brendon shoved off the desk and moved into her personal space.  He narrowed his eyes and rasped into her ear. “Never put your ambitions over the lives of your team. That’s why you haven’t received what you want.  See you at the party.” He turned and strode out of her office.

My review of All Bets Are Off:
All Bets Are Off is a great short story about two people who work together and have a love/hate relationship. Since this is written by Mahalia, you have to know there is a HOT scene in this story to get you all heated up. On a scale from 1-10 I give All Bets Are Off a 10. Even though it's a quickie (pun intended....lol) you will love every second of it. This Halloween everyone 18+ and Adult should pick up this short story and let the good times roll.

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