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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review Of All Bets Are Off (Short Story) By Mahalia Levey

All Bets Are Off By Mahalia Levey

Available: October 31,2011
ISBN: 978-1-61885-086-7
Source And Purchase: Secret Cravings Publishing (link to purchase HERE)
Age: 18+ and Adult


Jaynie Reynolds believes in her team. She promises them top jobs and wants to deliver on her word. The man she fantasizes about blocks her path.  Being ambitious comes at a price, locked away behind years of study and hard work a sensual woman lurked wanting to break free. With the company Halloween Party coming up, her main competitor is in for the surprise of his life.

Brendon Marshall enjoys his job. Strategy and tactical surveillance keep his mind alert and his skillset one of the best. One woman crawls under his skin and he burns to give it to her good. Setting an easy trap he sits back and waits for his plan to come to fruition.

All Bets Are Off is a great short story about two people who work together and have a love/hate relationship. Since this is written by Mahalia, you have to know there is a HOT scene in this story to get you all heated up. On a scale from 1-10 I give All Bets Are Off a 10. Even though it's a quickie (pun intended....lol) you will love every second of it. This Halloween everyone 18+ and Adult should pick up this short story and let the good times roll.

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BookObsessedChicks said...

Sounds like a seriously hotttt read!!!! Can't wait to check it out!!! Thanks for the awesome blurb

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