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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visiting Nopeming Shores With A Guest Post By Margie Church

Nopeming Shores (such a beautiful cover) is a Noble Publishing Sensual Romance. It came out on October 11,2011 and we have Margie Church stopping by with a wonderful Guest Post. I always enjoy when Margie stops by because she is always such a delight to talk to. Please enjoy Margie's post and I hope you will consider picking up a copy of Nopeming Shores. She is a fantastic writer and you will not be disappointed. Margie I give you the floor.

Location, location, location!

Nopeming (no-paw-ming) is an Ojibwe word, loosely translated meaning place of rest. I'd had this title in my head literally for a year before I actually started writing the book. Given the Native American origination of the title, I had to be choosy about the setting. Once the military element became part of the story, I was on the hunt for the various locations involved. It's always nerve wracking to use actual locations in a book when you've never been there.

Last night, for example, I was squinting at New Orleans city maps, trying to figure out what I'd be able to see looking in a given direction from the twenty-seventh floor of my character's office. Are the streets one-way when I leave the parking garage? You know, a lot of readers have never been to New Orleans and probably don't give a rat's butt whether it's a one-way (and I'm driving the wrong way!!! Yeeps!), but due diligence is a requirement for research.

I usually make up city names to avoid the opportunity to be dead wrong. LOL Nopeming Shores is
dedicated to my father, who served at Fort Leavenworth in World War II. I also wanted this middle-
America feel to the story, so the story is primarily set in a fictitious town named Stevers, Kansas, near Fort Leavenworth. Also included are brief scenes from Fort Leavenworth Combined Arms Center (CAC).

To get actual details, I found a few folks who live in the Fort Leavenworth area and had been to the base recently. Then, I used Google maps to find satellite images of the surrounding area so I'd have a good idea of the topography. I dug into the Fort Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce's and local photographers' website to see "feet on the street" images. Since I'd created this town, I had leeway to make locations and businesses my own, but you still have to be careful not to totally hose it up. And when it came to the military base, I certainly didn't want to get that wrong. People will call you on your bad. Sure you might still get things wrong, but at least you have notes to show what you've done if the error is significant.

I live in a historical city along the Mississippi River, of similar size to Fort Leavenworth. My co-author, Andrew Lockhart, lives in a historical town in Arkansas. This helped both of us "feel" the story. Lily Holliway and the other characters enjoy "walking to shop." We have the old brick buildings with the huge display windows and uneven shop floors where I live. Several scenes take place in a place called Keeper's Eatery, which is patterned after an actual cafĂ© here. Unfortunately, nothing good ever happens to Lily when she goes to Keeper's! Lily ends up taking a job in town at a local florist called Love's In Bloom. I bet we all know a quaint little shop like that. We walk in, inhale the fresh oxygen, and smile about all the cool gifts. Working at a florist shop gets Lily razzed for her name a few times. I deliberately put her in this situation because the book is very emotional and I needed ways to lighten the story. 

Luckily, as I said, I live very near the Mississippi, and Andrew lives very near the Arkansas River. The Missouri River plays a pivotal role in the book, and I used several city and state maps to find parks, landmarks, and connecting freeways. I also investigated the night sounds of indigenous creatures to capture the scent, sounds, and imagery of this river. Youtube is wonderful!

And now the big lake – Nopeming. The lake name is fictitious, but the central Minnesota location isn't. Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 lakes. We have 90,000 miles more shoreline in this state—more than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined. When I set the scenes for Lake Nopeming, I was thinking of Lake Winnibigoshish in the Chippewa National Forest. The drive to this area of the state is quite beautiful and one of the roads Lily takes passes within blocks of my home. I won't say more about this location because I don't want to spoil the story!

We hope you enjoy Nopeming Shores and all its secrets.

Blurb: Nopeming Shores by Margie Church with J. Andrew Lockhart

     An IED snuffed out Gabe Holliway's life, but couldn't destroy his love. Using his unique gift,
Gabe struggles to help his young wife, Lily, rebuild her shattered future.

     But when Gabe's ghost reaches out to her, Lily fears she's lost her last hold on sanity. Can she
trust what she discovers and what her heart says? When she sees Gabe face-to-face, can she believe her eyes?

     When love transcends death, the answers are found in Nopeming Shores.

Buy Nopeming Shores now on Amazon: Here
Margie's website and blog: Here
Visit Andrew Lockhart at Here to read some of his newest writings.


Margie Church said...

Raquel, thank you so much for having us today. Creating this book was such an adventure in creativity - retooling my muse and working with another author. I hope readers love the story as much as Andrew and I do.

kbcutter said...

I love your attention to detail Margie. Your stories are much more textured for it.

I know research is a bitch, but keep doing what you are doing.

Margie Church said...

Thank you, Kb. You've had to listen to me whine on several occasions about research. I know it's an important element to my books, I just wish somebody else would do it for me!


DA Kentner said...

Whoa!! Cool blog. No wonder you're hiding out here, Margie.
Love the lake picture, but then I love just about everything you do, madam. =)

Margie Church said...

David, thank you. A friend of ours took that photo about two years ago. I'm so glad it was perfect for Nopeming Shores and he agreed to put it on the cover!

Thanks for coming by.

skyla11377 said...

Margie as always it was a pleasure having you stop by. Thanks Kb and DA for swinging by to check out Margie and my blog. Margie you are always welcome at my blog anytime....^_^.

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