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Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest Post With Author Sahara Kelly

Today I have the distinct pleasure of having author Sahara Kelly come guest post. Her and I were talking via e-mail and I happened to mention how much I really wanted to go to King Richard's Renaissance Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. I have lived in MA all my life and have never gone....lol. Anyhow, as I was e-mailing Sahara about this she happened to mention how much she herself loved going to those  kinds of events. My mind got to thinking what a great idea for a blog post so I asked Sahara if she would mind coming by my blog to talk about going to Renaissance Faire's and she was so nice to agree to come. And now without further adieu I give you author Sahara Kelly. 

Time Traveling with Sahara Kelly
No, it’s not the Tardis, or any other science fiction time machine. It’s a Renaissance
Faire, and if you have one within driving distance of your front door, you gotta go!!!
Since I have a lot of historical novels in my backlist (from Ancient Sumer through
Medieval times and into the Regency, with a couple of nods to Victorian Steampunk
fans) I am somewhat of an enthusiast for the past. And I have an over-developed dress-up
gene that makes me drool over things like corsets, fans and petticoats with more fabric
than a three-masted schooner’s sails. Yep, I’m one of those women. Convinced I was
born several generations too late.

So when I discovered something called a Renaissance Faire - well, the expression hogheaven
took on a new meaning. That was more than twenty-five years ago and my love
of these things hasn’t diminished a bit! What do they offer? Well, other than the obvious
chance to lace myself into a corset, something I don’t do on a daily basis because it’s
hard to reach for the frozen peas on the lower shelf of my supermarket when my assets
are bursting above my bodice just beneath my chin(!!), these faires transport me, and
everyone else, back several hundred years. And they also have facilities with toilet
paper, which is a decided advantage over visiting that time period for REAL. Sorry, but
there are some things novelists tend to gloss over. LOL
If you’re looking for a portal, a chance to peek backward to another time, then this is it.
As soon as you set foot within the grounds and find yourself in a medieval village,
walking over rough terrain (hint: wear comfy shoes), you’ll start the process of readjusting
your thought processes. People will shout to you -- “G’day, Milady. How art
thou, Milord?” “Good morrow, friends.” All those things you’ve read but never heard
outside of a History Channel special. You’ll see ladies in gorgeous gowns, men
improbably dressed in hats and tights, knights in full armor and some with massive
swords. (Size doesn’t count here either!) There are jesters and musicians galore, shows to
entertain, mud-wrestling to…er…entertain as well, I guess, and of course the Tournament
- jousts held three times a day. The vendors are part salespeople part showpeople. They
dive into the world with everything they have, ignoring the signs that say “We accept
Lady Visa and Master Card”. A mere trifle in the overall ambience of the day.

You’ll rub shoulders with Mike and Jerry from accounting, but you won’t know it since
they’re there as Sir Michael, or Lord Jerome of the High Court. Come Monday you’ll all
be back at work in your cubicles or offices. But today? You’re in a world where cleavage
is prominent (sorry, bad pun), buxom wenches are prized above stick-thin shadows of
women, and beer is served by the yard. Where turkey legs are eaten with the fingers and
soup is served in a bread boule. And where everyone, from six to ninety-six, seems to
leave the twenty-first century in the parking lot. The visitors are what make these Faires
so special. First timers or regulars, there’s always a sense of excitement and fun.
Someone to laugh with in front of a musical comedy show, or to swap opinions with
about a certain cotehardie for sale. Do you want some chain mail jewelry? A garland of
flowers for your hair? A souvenir mug or a stunning pair of leather bracers? (Wrist guard
thingies.) It’s all there. It’s also expensive, but what the heck. It’s only once a year.
So if you’re interested in taking a day off from everything - including the current century
- then I heartily recommend you check out your Renaissance Faires. They are unique, fun
and don’t forget to take pictures, because those moments won’t come back. I love them,
attend as regularly as I can, and have set my three latest novels in them (Massachusetts,
Maryland and Tampa). There’s something that can best be described as “romantic” about
them, since women are unabashedly feminine and coy flirtatious glances at Knights and
Lords are acceptable. Different time, different behavior. It’s refreshing on many levels
and I found it perfect for my contemporary lovers.

Whether or not you go in costume, I’m pretty certain you’ll have a wonderful time. And
when you’re tired, burdened with your souvenirs and ready to go home and download the
photos…I hope you’ll remember this little article and check out my three Renaissance
romance books. They’ll read even better if you’ve experienced a Renaissance Faire for
(Thanks for letting me share my passion, Raquel! I hope your readers don’t mind me
going on about it. I do love these things. Can you tell? LMAO)

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BookObsessedChicks said...

Thanks for the great post Raquel!!! Sahara is a sweetie and what amazing reads she has!!!!

skyla11377 said...

Thanks Kim, I agree Sahara is super sweet and I saw a few books I need to add to my to be read pile....lol.

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