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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review Of White Lace & Promises (Carte Blanche Series Book #2) By Natasha Blackthorne

White Lace and Promises (Carte Blanche, #2)
White Lace & Promises (Carte Blanche Series Book #2) By Natasha Blackthorne

File Size: 508 KB
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (December 26, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Source: Amazon.Com (link to purchase HERE)
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Age: Adult 18+*

*I added the age restriction. The age restriction was not provided by Amazon.Com. This story also contains scenes with anal sex.


Book two in the Carte Blanche Series

Beth and Grey’s passionate battle of wills continues...

New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection. But in a time of war and trade disruption, he cannot allow himself to be distracted. He vows to put business above all else in his life, including his bride.

Shocked and hurt by Grey's distance, Beth wonders whether he truly returns the burning love she feels for him. Beth demands that Grey prove he can truly change once and for all or else she will not start a family with him. But will the dark, sensual secrets she yet keeps repel this arrogant, self-controlled gentleman she has married?

The continuing saga of Grey and Beth did not disappoint. Natasha had me hooked from beginning to end. She knows how to set a scene and get the blood pumping. This erotic Historical has a little bit for everyone. Oh, and did I mention there was some very EROTIC, very HOT sex going on in this book.

In this sequel we get to see Grey and Beth formally announce their engagement, as well as, meet Dr. Joshua Wade a man from Beth's past who ends up causing a domino effect in Beth and Grey's lives. Although Grey and Beth love each other fiercely they seem to have some communication issues which are exacerbated  by Grey's need to focus solely on Sexton Shipping and nothing else. We also get to meet Grey's son Jan. He is a kid who is constantly seeking some form of acceptance and love from his father.

Beth and Grey are constantly coming together only to be ripped apart. Beth has so many revelations dropped on her doorstep throughout this book. We she her emotional journey and we also see a different side to Grey that is most unappealing to Beth. throughout the story we hear tidbits of what happened in Grey's former marriage. Towards the end all is revealed and the story comes full circle. There is SO MUCH I want to talk about but in doing so I raise the risk of ruining this awesome sequel for somebody.

If I had a paperback copy of this book I think I would have thrown it a time or two (thank goodness I was reading it on my laptop and knew better....lol) but that is because of Natasha expertise in writing such a wonderful book. It stirred such emotions in me. So many times I wanted to shake Grey and tell him to get his act together and other times I wanted to tell Beth to wake up and not be so blind to others actions towards her. On a scale from 1-10 I give White Lace & Promises a 10. I am so looking forward to reading book 3 in the series Alex's Angel. If you are looking for an erotic read, a great love story, loads of drama, and tons of buried secrets than this book is so for you. I encourage everyone adult 18+ to pick up a copy of White Lace & Promises and let Beth and Grey's love story fill you with hope and promises.

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Wanda (GoodChoiceReading) said...

Sweet review. Does sound good!! I love when a book can make me feel intense such as wanting to throw it across the room. But I know better too. LOL. Thanks for the review.

skyla11377 said...

I really wanted to throw the book or scream....lol. I too love when books can create suck emotions in me....^_^.

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