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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Norma Jean Blog Tour: Review Of Norma Jean By Amanda Heath And A Giveaway

Mrs. Potter’s Book Publicity Services Presents

A Month Long Blog Tour For:

Norma Jean

By: Amanda Heath


The night Chance Duncan drunkenly kissed me on his couch, I vowed my revenge. I finally had something over his head, something that would bring him to his knees. It only served him right. He bullied me for years and turned me into this messed up person I am now. 

Though I didn’t know at the time he wasn’t that mean little boy anymore. He was almost a man and easily stole my breath away. I just wanted to make him fall in love with me, then break his heart into a million pieces. Just the way mine was. Instead he put the pieces back together and I started to feel whole again. 

Good things never last. He did what I was supposed to do. Broke my already fragile heart all over again. Betrayed and alone I fled my home town and started a new life where I wasn’t in the shadow of what I did. 

Now he is back and trying to worm his way into my heart, again. Though he will never know it will always belong to him. He hurt me and I want nothing to do with him. Life has other plans. Doesn’t it always? 

He doesn’t know though. Doesn’t know what I’m hiding or who I’m hiding from. I never thought I would see Chance again and I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt getting mixed up in my mess. Though he is right in the middle of it, without even knowing it. I have to find a way for us to get out, before somebody dies. 

My name is Norma Jean and this isn’t a fairytale.

*This title is a new adult novel and not for those under 18 for sexual content and subject matter.*

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When I first heard about Norma Jean I knew it was a book I wanted to read. I knew it would be a departure from what I normally read but since I like a wide variety of book genres and this story spoke to me I figured I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Amanda Heath has written an amazing tragic story that didn't back down from displaying the harsh reality of just how cruel life and people can really be.

Norma Jean, in her tween years, was the butt of every cruel taunt and joke that Chance Duncan could think of. He tormented her so thoroughly that he scared Norma Jean emotionally for the rest of her life. When an opportunity presented itself one night, by way of a drunken kiss by Chance when she was baby sitting his niece, Norma hatched a plan to extract her revenge on Chance Duncan once and for all.

Chance Duncan came from a troubled home life. He will forever be haunted by the fact that his father cheated on his mother, in their home, especially because his father knew that he and his sister where home at the time and just didn't care enough to even try and hide it from them. This started Chance down the road to shutting down emotionally and deflecting his pain onto someone else, namely Norma Jean.

With one drunken kiss, Norma Jean and Chance's lives changed FOREVER. Norma wanted to hurt Chance and he in turn wanted to right his wrong with Norma Jean and have a real life with her. But like all things good and not so good their intentions never go the way they planned. Norma ends up falling in love with Chance only to have her heart ripped out again and he gets told  by the woman he loves, via her diary, that her love was just a cruel revenge plot to bring him to his knees.

What they don't realize is that they are just pawns on a chessboard for a dark and sinister force who will stop at nothing to get what they want and happily ruin their lives in the process.

I could tell you more about it but in doing so, I would ruin this fantastic story for everyone and trust me when I tell you that what I have said is only a tiny tip of a HUGE iceberg. Amanda had me so invested in this story it brought me to tears and I LOVED every second of it. I feel that this book is relateable to everyone in some form or another. On a scale from 1-10 I give Norma Jean a great big 10. It touched my soul in a way that no other book ever has. If you are looking for a story that has characters with real human flaws, raw emotions, insurmountable odds, or just one heck of a book than I encourage EVERY adult 18+ to pick up a copy of Norma Jean and let them tell you their tragic tale of woe in their own words.



Author Bio:

Amanda lives in southern Arkansas with her husband and young child. She enjoys reading, writing, and drinking tons of Dr. Pepper. You can find her sitting on the couch with either her head in a book or typing on her laptop. Amanda is the author of This Beautiful Thing, Fire In Her Eyes, Angel Cuffs, and Norma Jean. Wrong Kind of Love will be released this June.

Author Stalker Links: Facebook / Blog / Twitter / GoodreadsAuthor Page

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Allison Potter said...

Thanks so much for doing the tour! Awesome review!

Amanda Heath said...

OMG! Let me say this review was amazing! Thank you so much! Loved your review!

skyla11377 said...

Thanks Allison for letting me be a part of this awesome tour and for liking my review.

Amanda, thank you so very much for allowing me to read and being a part of the experience that is Norma Jean. I so closely related to Norma Jean it was almost scary but definitely in a good way....^_^.

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