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Monday, December 23, 2013

Review Of Always You By Missy Johnson

Always You By Missy Johnson

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I was thrilled when I was offered a graduate teaching position at the prestigious Tennerson Girls Academy. At twenty-three, this would be my first ‘real’ teaching assignment. Working at the elite boarding school, home to the daughters of some of the wealthiest people in the world, was a great opportunity that I would’ve been stupid to pass up. 

One week into my new job, and I suddenly had no idea why I chose high school…I was a seventeen year old boy once, I knew how teenage girls behaved.

You can’t even imagine the hell of trying to teach thirty, hormonal driven seventeen year olds who have been cooped up, away from any male contact.

I could handle the whispers every time I entered the room. I could even handle the obvious attempts at gaining my attention. What I couldn’t handle was her…

Rich bitches and way too many rules. Was it any wonder that I hated school?

Add to that the lack of male contact, and I was going insane. Like literally. I wasn’t used to this. A year ago I was normal. I had a boyfriend, friends and a loving family. There is nothing normal about me anymore, and nobody here lets me forget that.

My name is Wrenn, and I’m only here because my aunt took me in after what happened, but my aunt also happens to be the headmistress of this academy…Can you see my problem? 

I’m hated for my lack of money, and I’m hated for who my Aunt is.

Then he arrived. Dalton Reed. My new history teacher.

Slowly, he helped me see that even in the worst situations, there is always hope.

Missy Johnson is a new to me author but after reading Always You I will be reading a lot more of her books. I know student/teacher relations is a very taboo subject but I liked the fact that Missy wasn't afraid to tackle this subject. I don't agree with Teachers and Students dating per se but when there is only a few years age difference between them, that is when it becomes a gray area for me (when the student is 18 at least).

Dalton Reed is a twenty three year old fresh out of college. His dream job is to teach young minds and that is what he intends to do at Tennerson Girls Academy. Never in his wildest dreams did Dalton ever imagine what was about to happen to him.

Wrenn has had a tough break and has had to go live with her aunt Layna. As if that wasn't bad enough Wrenn also has to go to Tennerson Girls Academy because her aunt is headmistress. If it wasn't for Kassia, Wrenn's stay at the Academy might be more tortuous then it already was. What Wrenn didn't realize is that her world was about to change once it collided with her new History teacher Mr. Dalton Reed.

I would say more but I don't want to give too much of this story away and ruin it for someone else. I will say this Always You brought tears to my eyes so you may want to have tissues handy when you read this book. This book kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what could happen next. On a scale from 1-10 I give Always You a 10. It was an AWESOME read and I could not put it down once I started reading it. If you are looking for a story with forbidden love, intrigue, mean girls, or a good tearjerker than Always You is the book for you. I encourage EVERYONE adult 18+ to go pick up a copy of Always You and challenge you not to root for Wrenn and Dalton. 

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