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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review Of Fallen (Blood & Roses Series Book #4) By Callie Hart

Fallen (Blood & Roses Series Book #4) By Callie Hart

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Fallen is the fourth book in the Blood & Roses series. Make sure you check out Deviant, Fracture and Burn prior to reading this instalment.


For over two years, Sloane Romera has pinned everything on finding Alexis. Life was going to get better. Easier. Happier. The nightmare of having a missing sister was supposed to end, and everything was supposed to go back to normal.

However, now that she’s found her sister, Sloane is discovering that life has a way of ridiculing what we expect of it.

Nothing is easier. And ‘normal’ is falling for a man who might never be able to feel the same way. 



A lengthy history of breaking things with his fists has given Zeth Mayfair a fairly good idea of how to get his own way. But when his goal, the one, single woman on the face of the planet that he’s truly ever wanted, can only be obtained by fixing things instead of destroying them, how can he adjust a lifetime of violence in order to make her his once and for all? And how can he make sure that she is safe?

The first part is going to take time. But the second part…

The second part is easy.

He must kill Charlie Holsan.

My Review:

All hail Queen Callie and her fantastic Blood & Roses Series. Only Callie could take an unredeemable character and turn him into every woman's Dark Avenging Angel. Callie Hart is one author you are going to want to remember. Her books make you want things you never knew you wanted, as well as, make you feel things that you would never reveal to anyone especially your closest friend....lol.

Sloane Romera's world has been turned upside down when she finds out just what happened to her sister after she disappeared. Once Sloane found Lex she thought her world would be whole again but with each passing moment she knows nothing could be further from the truth. She has also fallen for a bag guy whom she feels may never be able to feel the same about her.

Zeth Mayfair is having trouble reconciling his need for violence with his need to be Sloane's Prince Charming (so to speak). Zeth is having trouble coming to grips with his growing feelings for Sloane. He is not the usual type of guy girls should bring home to their parents but for the first time Zeth wants to be. With his former Boss Charlie still in the mix Zeth knows none of that can happen, at least not yet.

I am a fan for life of author Callie Hart. I know that what ever she writes is going to be worth reading.  I have no idea what I am going to do with myself while I wait impatiently for Twisted (Book #5) to come out. This series has given me such a book hangover. On a scale from 1-5 I give Fallen ROARING 10. If you have to ask me why then you obviously have not read this fantastical series. If you want to dig further into Zeth and Sloane's relationship, if you are looking for a series that will keep you coming back for more, a Dark Romance, or if just want to read about the the kind of people you have always feared than Fallen is the book for you. I implore EVERYONE adult 18+ to pick up a copy of Fallen. If for some unknown reason you do not have copies of Deviant (Book #1), Fracture (Book #2), or Burn (Book #3) (review of all three are below) than you need to run (don't walk) and pick up Callie Hart's Blood & Roses Series books 1-4 and find out exactly why Callie Hart is a writing force to be reckoned with. Let Zeth and Sloane tell you precisely what happens when you mess with people they care about.

My review of Deviant Book #1: Here
My review of Fracture Book #2: Here
My review of Burn Book #3: Here

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