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Monday, July 21, 2014

Review Of Savage Kind Of Love (Prairie Devils MC Series Book #3) By Nicole Snow

Savage Kind Of Love (Prairie Devils MC Series Book #3) By Nicole Snow

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Publisher: Ice Lips Press (June 19, 2014)
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Shelly "Saffron" Reagan's life is in shambles, and it's about to get worse. Keeping up a broken home and a brother in the vicious Grizzlies MC is more than any woman can handle. Remembering the tough talking biker who nursed her after a savage attack is all she has, a bad boy who's impossibly out of reach.

Or so it seems.

When Saffron gets caught in biker's crossfire, there's only one man to lead her out. One man to protect her, one man to lay his claim, one man to make her burn forever with his kiss...

Michael "Blaze" Sturm swears he won't get tied down by any woman. Easier said than done when the babe with the body he can't forget keeps storming back into his life. When he answers her desperate call one dark morning, nothing will ever be the same.

As President of the new Prairie Devils Montana charter, Blaze always gets his way. Now, his sights are set on beautiful Saffron, and he won't stop until she's wearing his brand and surrendering her lips. 

Will Saffron find outlaw love in his fire - or will Blaze's harsh world turn her heart to ashes?

Note: this is a dark and gritty MC romance with language, violence, and love scenes as hard and raw as they come. Outlaw love strikes without mercy!

The Prairie Devils MC books are stand alone novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers allowed! This is Saffron and Blaze's story. 

My Review:

I really hope there is going to be a least one more book in this series. I really need to know what happens to one of the Prairie Devils and I also want an up date on the three couples thus far. I am so glad I picked up Nicole Snow's Prairie Devils MC Series. She just makes me LOVE MC books even more now.

Shelly "Saffron" Reagan used to dance at Pink Unlimited until it went up in flames. Having a brother in the Grizzlies is not making life easy on Shelly. One desperate act causes Shelly to re-enter Blaze's world. Now that Blaze is back in her life Shelly is having a hard time trying to hide his effect on her.

Michael "Blaze" Sturm is the Club President of the new Montana charter of the Prairie Devils. Blaze gave up being a Nomad to start building himself a life in Montana. Answering Saffron's call starts Blaze and his club down a dangerous road.

I have to stop here or ruin the rest of this book for everyone. This book keeps you hooked and saying OMG til the very end. I am jonesing for a fourth book. I just can't get enough of Nicole's Prairie Devils MC Bikers. On a scale from 1-10 I give Savage Kind Of Love a HUGE 10. I think, of the three books, this book is the darkest and most gritty. It pushed the limits of just how much one person could take before they start to crumble. If you are looking for a truly dark and gritty story, HOT biker, a down on her luck ex-stripper, or just a great read than Savage Kind Of Love is the book for you. I think everyone Adult 18+ should go out and pick up a copy of this book. If you Haven't read Outlaw Kind Of Love (Book #1) or Nomad Kind Of Love (Book #2) then while you are buying Savage Kind Of Love you should also grab books #1 and #2 (review of both books below). Saffron and Blaze want you to hear their story in their own words.

My review of Outlaw Kind Of Love Book #1: Here
My review of Nomad Kind Of Love Book #2: Here

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