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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review Of J.R. Ward's Lover Unbound

Yesterday I Finished Vishous' Book Lover Unbound. I Just Have To Say This Series Gets Better And Better With Each Book I Read. Although My Only Complaint About This Book Was In My Opinion It Seemed Like It Was Half Vishous' Book And Half Phury's Book. I Know Phury Needed To Be In This Book To A Certain Point BUT I Felt Like Phury's Part And The Chosen Cormia's Could Have Been Done To Lesser Extent In This Book And Maybe They Reast Of What Was In This Book Could Have Been Used To Started Out Lover Enshrined. This Book Let Me Get A Great Upclose And Personnal Look Into What Makes Vishous Tick. We Get To Learn About His Past And How He Became The Non-Emotional Vampire He Seems To Be Up Til This Point. We Also Get More Of The Vishous/Butch Relationship. Their Friendships Makes Me Long For A Friendship Like That. J.R. Ward Knows How To Tell A Story About Love And Heartache. On A Scale Of 1 To 10 Even (Though I Did Not Like The Fact That I Did Not Get ENough Of Vishous' Story) I Give This Book A 10. I Can't Help It That Is How Great This Series Is. I Think Everyone Should Read This Series. Although This Is Not A YA Book So I Feel Only People 18+ Should Read This Book.
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Good Choice Reading said...

I like your review on this book. I agree with you there is no way I could give any book in this series anything less than 5 stars hahaha. It's just so good! Out of the whole series though I have to say that V's book and Phury's were my least favorite and for the same reason you described! :-) good review though!

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