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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review Of The Texan's Bride (The Hardin Boys Trilogy Book #2) By Linda Warren

The Texan's Bride (Harlequin Super Romance #1735)
The Texan's Bride (The Hardin Boys Trilogy Book #2) By Linda Warren

Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Harlequin (October 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373717350
ISBN-13: 978-0373717354
Source: Amazon.Com (link to purchase HERE)
Purchase: Barnes And Noble (link to purchase HERE)


Sheltered her entire life, Jessie Murdock has rarely gotten her way. Until her dying father makes a deal with Cadde Hardin. Cadde will get shares of Shilah Oil on one condition—marry Jessie. In love with him for years, Jessie doesn't hesitate to sign the papers. But she didn't sign up for a completely absent husband.

Now Jessie has a counter offer. She'll give Cadde controlling interest of the business if he'll give her a baby…the natural way. Only he has a few caveats of his own. When life refuses to follow their written plan, Jessie and Cadde have to decide which is more important: their unspoken love or the family business.

This book was recommended to me by a new friend and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it. Although we both didn't realize it at the time, it was actual book two of a three book trilogy....lol. 

Cadde Hardin is all about Shilah Oil. He is a true business man that likes to work long hours and give the job his whole undivided attention. Cadde was never in the market for a wife at least not until his boss and mentor R. Murdock offers him a deal he just can't refuse. Seeing this as the opportunity of a life time Cadde takes Murdock up on his offer and marries his daughter Jessie. To Cadde this is a marriage of convenience and nothing more. Just a means to an end to get his hands on Shilah Oil.

Jessie Murdock has loved Cadde since the first time she laid eyes on him. When her father told her she was to marry Cadde, she saw this as her one chance to have the man she loves. Little did she realize her marriage wouldn't be the ideal situation she had envisioned for herself.

For 18 months they both lead a totally separate life living in two different houses except for twice a week when Cadde stays at the Murdock Mansion. During this time Jessie devises a plan to get Cadde right where she wants him. She offers him controlling interest in Shilah Oil if he agrees to one condition of hers. Jessie wants Cadde to give her a baby the old fashion way.

Now this is where the story gets really good (and trust me it was good before this point too....lol). This story had me rooting for Cadde and Jessie the whole time. You might also want to invest in some tissues because this story can be a tear jerker at times. This book really surprised me, in the fact that, I didn't really think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. It is a hidden gem that needs to be discovered by all. On a scale from 1-10 I give The Texan's Bride a 10. It is a great story with a good message that I myself could relate to in some ways. I have already ordered book 1 The Texan's Secret and Book 3 The Texan's Christmas so I can read up on the rest of the Hardin boys. I encourage everyone to pick up this trilogy and see why I love them Hardin boys.

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tai arce said...

loved the review
and this is such a great book and i cant wait to start the other 2 lol

skyla11377 said...

SO glad you loved my review. Books 1 and 3 should be here by tomorrow. I so can't wait to read them....^_^.

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