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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review Of Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds Series Book #5) By Morgan Kearns

Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds Series Book #5) By Morgan Kearns

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All Photojournalist Ian McCallister wants is a woman to love him. Not just any woman, though, his heart wants Kayla Black. He fell for the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty the moment she smiled…and introduced her children.

Kayla Black is living her very own Happily-Ever-After. She has three beautiful children and a man she adores. Until the day her hero of a husband straps on his badge and is struck down by a drug dealer’s bullet.

Her perfect world shattered, Kayla has no interest in moving on and is only attempting it for her children. She doesn’t want help, doesn’t need it. And she certainly doesn’t need Ian. Or does she?

I don't know how Morgan does it, each book in her Deadlines & Diamonds Series just gets better and better. I found that I could so relate to Ian, (having liked boys in that past that were with other girls), because I know first hand how it feels to want someone that you can not have. That is another reason why I love Morgan's books because she has a way of making her stories relateable to everyone.

Ian McCallister is the HOT Photojournalist who lives next door to the picture perfect family known as the Black's. From the first moment Ian sets his eyes on Kayla Black he knows his heart is lost to her. BUT, Ian has principles and even though he longs for Kayla and loves spending time with her three children he would never do anything to break up her happy home she has with her husband Leon.

Kayla Black has the perfect life, she is married to the man of her dreams Leon and has three wonderful children she adores. The only hitch in their idealistic life is that Leon has a very dangerous job. Leon being a cop always left Kayla a little worried but she never let it come between them.

Ian and Kayla's world gets turned upside down by a random drug dealers bullet. Kayla is beyond consoling and Ian just wants to do everything in his power to help her get through this nightmare. All Kayla wants to do is curl up in a ball and cry for her lost love. Ian wants nothing more than to be there for her and her children until she can pick up the pieces of her life and carry on.

This book tugged at my heart from beginning to end. I felt for both Kayla in her despair and for Ian who can help who he has fallen in love with. On the one hand I wanted to root for Ian to get his love but I felt conflicted because I didn't want it to come about the way it did with Leon's death. Ian and Kayla's story was bittersweet and filled with ups and downs to keep me glued throughout the whole story. I can't say anymore without ruining this story for everyone. On a scale from 1-10 I give Hard Break a 10. It had all the elements I have grown to love in a Morgan Kearns story and keeps me wanting more. If you are looking for a good read that will pull at your heart and keep you rooting for their Happily Ever After than this book is for you. If you are a fan of Morgan Kearns and her Deadlines & Diamonds Series. than this book is a must have. If you are looking for a great new to you author to read than Morgan Kearns is the author for you. Pick up a copy of Hard Break (and all her books in this series if you don't have them already) and let Kayla and Ian bare their souls to you and warm your heart in the process.

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